15mm Whistles (Screamers) - Tru-flare

The whistle leaves the launcher with an unusually high pitched and alarming sound until its end of flight of 150+ feet. The whistles are coloured blue so are visible if dropped. This product is used as a wildlife deterrent.

6 per box

For use with the 02c pen launcher.

Improve your chances of rescue and survival when in danger. These pen-sized distress signals weigh only 1.4 oz and can be carried in your pocket.

Flares fire 150 feet high and can be seen from 9 miles(14.5 Kilometers) away (18 miles[29 Kilometers] at night). At 15,000 candela, the flares are as bright as 215 60W light bulbs.

They are designed to extinguish after 6 seconds, before they descend to the tree tops, to prevent forest-fires.

The 115 decibel rapport of the Bear-Banger flares can be used for audible signaling. They project 130 feet to provide wide-area coverage.
  • 15mm Whistles (Screamers) - Tru-flare
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