Hello to all our valued customers from British Columbia and around the World.Some of our most asked questions are answered below. If you have a question that is not answered below then please head over to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.



We only have PAYPAL as our payment method due to a massive increase in online fraud when we had a regular processor as a secondary option. You DO NOT need an account to use PayPal to pay for orders. Just plug your information in as you would using a regular processor page. In 8 years we have zero fraud with PayPal, in less than 1 year with the other option, we had daily fraud attempts (successful and blocked). PLEASE condsider PayPal a safe and secure method of payment. It works!


**Please note: We DO NOT ship or accept payment from the following countries due to large amounts of fraudulent orders:

For any package:
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Niger, Bulgaria

For larger packages:
Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus


  • Q: What payment methods are you accepting?
  • A: At the moment we use the credit card processing company Paypal (real easy to use and setup) as well as Moneris to give customers choice in a secured credit card processing service. We also accept Money Orders and Cash (sent at your own risk). Please ensure Money Orders can be cashed in Canada and that you notify us that you will be sending payment that way so your oder stays live.
  • Q: Do you offer any discount structures?
  • A: Yes. In the store we offer a discount on all items (except airsoft & pantball guns) to all persons who work in the Armed Services, Police, Fire, Medical Emergency or Security companies. Proof of employment is required for this discount. In addition all Cadets also qualify for this discount. Online discounts are also available upon request on certain items with applicable picture ID.


*If we do not get full payment 2 months after an order has been placed, we reserve the right to keep whatever payments have been made, and re sell the ordered item(s). 

  • Q: Are all items on the website in stock?
  • A: Not all items listed on the website will be in stock. What we have available online are items we can get or have in store, out of stock items will have to be ordered. For best estimate on how much of your order would be filled please contact us before ordering and paying.
  • Q: Are there any other ways to order and pay from you other than using Paypal, Moneris or Cheque/Money Orders?
  • A: Yes. You can e-mail us your order and collect at the store. We are presently investigating other on-line payment options. Please remember that when you order you will need to put down the entire name of the item and any other relevent info. Include all contact info for quickest service.Q: Why don't you have more size choice in the surplus clothing?A: Often the surplus market only has certain sizes available at that time. It's rare that we get many XL sizes and above, but if you would like to contact us about getting some of the larger sizes we will put you on a waiting list. We will contact you when your size becomes available and before we put it on the web site.Q: What is your return policy?A: All sales are final so please make sure of sizes you order. Of course, if your order arrives and you find it is defective simply return and we will refund or replace as applicable.
  • Q: What if I order item(s) that are out of stock?
  • A: We do our best to notify all customers if something they ordered is out of stock. You will have the option of waiting or getting refunded for what is not in stock and having the rest of the order sent as is. We the majority of our re stock orders on Friday, and chances are if there are missing items on your order(s) they will be re ordered then. 
  • Q: Some items warn me that they may be siezed if shipped outside of Canada (ie: Smoke bombs). What happens if my order is siezed at my nation's border?
  • A: We will not be held responsible for seized items as long as we have a warning in an item's listing stating that there may be a chance of the item being held at any given customs agency.

Firearms and Ammunition Purchasing:

We do NOT ship firearms and ammuniton internationally. Only to Canada.

To purchase ANY firearm from us, you will need to provide a scanned copy (both sides) of your valid Possession and Acquistion License (P.A.L). A scanned copy sent via email with a day time phone number that you can be reached at is required. Sorry, we will NOT ship firearms to a PO Box.

Ammuntion will be shipped seperatley from any firearm purchase, and we will need a copy of your P.A.L (both sides) sent via email before we can ship. Shipping will be charged seperatley on a case by case basis. 

Any firearms and ammuntion cannot be sent normally via Canada Post, and a courier will have to be used. 

All ammunition and firearms shipments will require a sigature upon arrival and a valid address. 

All firearms will be shipped with a free gun lock.

Any returned ammo and/or firearms due to incorrect addresses given to us will not have a refund given out. Shipping fees will have to be paid again or the order will be cancelled with no refunds. 


Shipping and Handling (S/H): (Please see Shipping menu for cost info)

  • Q: How long will be order take to get to me?
  • A: If we have the items you ordered in stock we can get them into the mail within 1-3 days of your payment clearing. The shipping time is very dependant upon your location. Orders shipped to Canada and USA are usually arriving in between 1-3 weeks. If we have to order some or all of your order from our suppliers please expect shipment to be between 4-8 weeks.
  • Q: I live outside of North America and my quote shipping rate is HUGE! Why is this?
  • A: The ever increasing shipping rates in Canada are out of control we agree, but there is nothing we can do about it. We will offer the lowest rates we can and continue to look for alternatives to Canada Post in the mean time. 
  • Q: How is the shipping of my order handled?
  • A: We take the upmost care when shipping your orders. We have had extensive experience in shipping goods to all over the world due to our many years in mail out.(eBay etc).
  • Q: By what methods do you ship?
  • A: 99% of the time we will use Canada Post. We are happy to use a different courier service upon customer request, but extra costs may be added to the total cost of the order placed.
  • Q: How are tracking codes handled?
  • A: All Canadian shipments will have one included with the shippign fee paid, as will smaller USA packages. Larger USA packages and all international shipments have to have another fee charged to the customer to add a tracking code. Sometimes this fee will be high dependign on where a customer is located. Please let us know at the time of checkout if you require a tracking code and we will give you a estimate on the extra fee neded to do so.
  • Q: How Are Telephone orders handled?
  • A: We only take over the phone orders from other retailers and well known customers. Due to past scams we cannot use telephone sales as a major means of selling our goods anymore to the general public.
  • Q: Why is it that sometimes my orders take longer to get to me than others?
  • A: Most of the items we list on our website are in stock at our store, and as such we can ship those as soon as payment is recieved. Other items will have to be ordered from our suppliers and we may have to wait awhile to fill your order. We will contact you to discuss this situation if it occurs.


  • Q: As far as the used surplus items goes, what kind of condition can I expect?
  • A: Typically, we sell the best possible quality we can obtain, and price will generally reflect the overall condition. We dont sell anything with holes, stains or other major problems. As the surplus items are all used there will be signs of wear as you would expect. We do not sell any surplus items we would not wear or own ourselves.


  • Q: Do you sell wholesale?
  • A: Yes we sell business to business with pleasure. We can offer wholesale prices to businesses on all items in our catalog, we will work out best possible prices at time of inquiry. 

Please give us a call at 778-278-2205 and ask for Paul for wholesale questions.